Best 5 reasons to switch online care planning software
Best 5 reasons to switch online care planning software
16 Jul, 2021

Care agencies require modern care planning software solutions to provide optimum support. While some care agencies are yet to switch to software solutions, others have existing software that is outdated. Many care agency providers feel stuck with some recurring problems in their software that may not be functioning to expectation. It is always a better option to start exploring new-age technology and find out advanced software that provides a one-stop solution to execute care planning.

If you own a care agency and look for better options when it comes to choosing the right care planning software, you can check out Sanro Care. Designed to take the headache out of the daily administration and record keeping tasks, this application can be helpful for your project management. As a modern care solution, it is configured with every possible feature to make care planning easier than ever.

  • Sanro Care Software:
If you belong to the care industry or any other services, you must be in need of the security of your compliance, compulsory and necessary data. This is where the Sanrosoft agency management software can be beneficial for your business. All the information, staff records, compliance, documents as well as customer information of your business will be stored in the application safely. You can keep real-time up-to-date records in a simpler manner using this application. The best part of this application is that it runs on a web-based server, which makes it possible for your staff to access and update data from anywhere.

Sanro Care comes with the features below to fulfil the care planning needs of top agencies.
  1. On-Demand Reporting
  2. Powerful Reporting
  3. Staff Records

Sanro Care enables the users to perform the tasks below:
  1. Receive rota notification
  2. Access service users careplan
  3. Emar
  4. Review personal information
  5. Submit holiday request
  6. Access company policies and procedures
  7. Login and logout of performed duties
  8. Taking care notes remotely

Now, let us explore the top 5 reasons for which the care planning agencies need to switch their care planning software today.
  1. The Software Has Become Outdated: With the changing time, care agencies try their best to adapt to new technology for providing care. The software they choose needs to reflect this very nature of care agencies. The software should be updated in order to cater to modern needs. Hence, any forward looking agency that uses outdated software should reconsider changing their software and switch to an updated version. A care planner should choose a care software that acts as a single platform and can evolve over time. For all these reasons, Sanrocare makes an ideal choice for forwarding looking agencies across the globe.
  2. Care Software Misses to Impress Care Professionals: If we think about the user interface of a care planning software, the first thing that comes to our mind is whether the software can satisfy the customers. While that is true, it is most important when applied to care professionals as well. The care professionals working in a care agency are key to the home care experience and better patient outcomes. Technology plays a vital role in recruiting and retaining top caregivers. Hence, outdated software and rising complaints can lead to frustration. To solve these issues, care planners should switch care planning software and fulfil the needs of care professionals as well. An agency’s software must be able to track the functionality of IV therapy, wound care, injections and other tasks.
  3. They Require Mobile Navigation: The professionals working in a care agency, as well as the clients, should be able to navigate a care app from their mobile phones. Many of them require the app when they are on the go, be it for the task of booking appointments or completing formalities. In the world of modern app development, a native app is installed individually onto a smartphone or tablet OS where it runs as a standalone app. The other category of mobile web apps can be accessed through a web browser or the Internet. Best care planning agencies try to provide optimum facilities to every user when it comes to being mobile friendly. If your old care planning app lacks mobile-friendliness, it’s time you switch your app with Sanro Care for faster integration.
  4. They Want the Latest Technologies: Some apps do not include modern client care elements, which are the most important factors for care planners. Remote monitoring and virtual care delivery are two elements that they need to ensure. Care agencies are focusing on adapting modern technologies to their service and expanding in ways that optimize how telehealth aids both client and caregiver. The benefits of incorporating telehealth into an agency’s portfolio are significant. The first reason for optimizing telehealth is that it can make agencies client-centric by allowing people to receive medical care at home. Secondly, it saves time and leads to faster results. For all these reasons, home care agencies need software that can fully support the virtualization of care.
  5. They Need Scheduling: Being configurable and adaptable to scheduling changes is one of the biggest concerns for care agencies. The app they use should also be the same. It should be versatile enough to overcome conflicts. The app should also be able to adapt to real-time changes in the business. For care agencies, it becomes difficult to change or edit individual visits without disrupting the entire flow of recurrences already loaded in the program. Therefore, the new care app agencies use should be able to ensure permit users to easily overcome scheduling conflicts.

Now that you know the above 5 reasons for switching your outdated app with Sanso Care, go ahead and transform your home care management system easily. If you are looking for a web and app development company for your business needs, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We, Sanro Soft, are the providers of top-notch care services to all at an affordable budget. We are proud of Sanro Care, our care agency software that meets all the above needs. You can either choose Sanro Care for your agency or get the app customized from us according to your specific needs. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to know the best care planning software for your agency!